Music breaks stigma

TALENT: Paul Corfiatis in his home studio at Montello where he composes original music.
Nanjing Night Net

Paul Corfiatis is a gifted music composer on a mission to break the stereotype of people with autism.

The 35-year-old Montello resident composes music on a computer at his home studio.

His work has been played at stage shows and his goal is to spread his sound across the nation and then the world.

“I want people to hear my music because I think it’s unique,” he said.

“It’s about creating a unique sound and making something original for people to enjoy.”

While Paul is on the spectrum he does not like to be seen as an autistic person.

“Ijust want to be seen as a normal person,” he said.

“I think a lot of people just see me as a talented composer.

“Some people might think he’s got autism, he’s amazing –maybe they think autistic people are dumb but actually a lot of autistic people are very smart.”

Paul will perform at Prism in Rosny Farm on April 2.

Prism will be a celebration of the diverse talents of autism.

The aim is toshowcase what is possible, inspire and motivate young people on the autism spectrum and build a new awareness of autism in the community.

Paul has been composing music since about 1998 after taking an interest in the expanding digital horizons.

“I knew as Igrew up the technology would get better and computers would get faster,” he added.

He started out only wantingtowrite files for computer games.

“I thought Icould expand this further and in 2001 Iwent into a recording studio and started to learn how to do mixing and sampling and all that stuff,” he said.

For 17years he has composed a variety of music from techno, trance, psychedelic and ambient genres.

With the North-West Coast’s arts and social change company,Big hART, Paul’s music has been played across the region.

His composing skills have been refined and now Paul is aiming high.

“My goal is to start playing my original music live and hopefully I can expand that maybe around Australia and then the world,” he said.

“We need more original artists, especially electronic artists, here in Tasmania.”

It is Paul’s goal to find the right forum to play his music on the North-West Coast andthrough his skills, Paul will continue to challenge the autism stereotype.

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