Heatwave adds to energy woes in SA

Shake-up needed: Cowper MP Luke Hartsuyker says power generation in Australia needs to be rethought. The latest power outage in South Australia just confirms that the unreasonable targetsLabor sets for renewable energy in its policies just won’t work.
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As you might have seen there has been another outage in South Australia and this justhighlights the serious and urgent challenges facing the South Australian electricitysystem.

Last week about 40,000 households and customers and businesses lost their powerfor around 27 minutes.

This latest blow to South Australians follows a state-wideblackout on September 28, affecting 1.7 million people and subsequent outagesin December and January.

The latest blackout was a result of a number of factors:Firstly there was very high demand due to the high temperatures in South Australia, about42 degreesin Adelaide.

Second, there was much less supply from wind generation than what is normally the case.In fact at this point wind power is providing only 2.5 per cent of South Australia’s energyneeds.

It could provide at this point more than 50 per cent if it was operating at fullcapacity.

So to go down to just 2.5 per cent means that there was a lack of supply that wasneeded.

Thirdly there were some problems with some generators, three generators in particular,which created a lack of power throughout the system.

And thiscombination meantthat the Australian Energy Market Operator asked ElectraNet, whichis the transmissionprovider, to start shedding power, and that took place across the system – hence 40,000customers lost power.

High temperatures in the days to come mean South Australia isnot out of thewoods yet.

It’stime federal and state Labor recognised their recklessly highrenewable energy targets are putting energy security and affordability at risk.

Renewable energy has a role to play but it must be part of a sensible energypolicy that protects consumers and protects jobs.