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Robert Dillon: Sporting Declaration

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FLASHPOINT: Melbourne Victory striker Besart Berisha taunts Melbourne City’s Dean Bouzanis after scoring last weekend. Picture: Getty ImagesTHE five-game suspension imposed this week on Melbourne City goalkeeper Dean Bouzanis reaffirmed a very clear message to A-League footballers – if you’re going to verbally abuse anyone, makeit a referee or linesman, not an opposition player.
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That is the only conclusion Sporting Declaration can reach after Bouzanis was banned for five times as long as his superstar teammate Tim Cahill, who took it upon himself to give referee Chris Beath a gobful …before he had even set foot on the pitch.

Cahill called Beath a “f—ing disgrace” and was stunned to be sent off before he had actually taken the field as a substitute.

Although profusely apologetic, the Socceroos veteranstill copped a week on the sidelines.

If it’s any consolation, he’ll be back in action a month earlier than Bouzanis, after the keeper’smuch-publicised clash with Melbourne Victory striker Besart Berisha.

If calling the whistle-blower a “f—ing disgrace” equates to a one-week ban, logic suggests Bouzanis must have delivered some truly heinous insult.

The whole spray was captured, and replayed ad nauseum, by Foxtel, and Bouzanis has since pleaded guilty to calling the Albanian import a “f—ing gypsy”, which apparently contravened guidelines referring to the“use of discriminatory language and/or gestures, including racist, religious, ethnic or sexist”.

Bouzanis has since apologised, copped his sanction and agreed to undertake an education course.

This left your columnist pondering two trains of thought.

Firstly, BesartBerisha strikes me as a bloke who gives at least as good as he gets. He is one of those fierce, in-your-face competitors loved by his teammates and hated by rivals.

Feisty, volatileand exudinga ruthless will to win, he is a serialantagonist. Players on other teams are not just opponents, they are his enemies.

In the particular incident involving Bouzanis, they both appeared to delight in taunting each other, especially after Berisha blasted home a penalty goal.

There was also a suggestion he may have tossed the ball at Bouzanis in a deliberately confrontationalmanner.

Regardless of the preceding provocation, since when didthe word “gypsy” become an intolerableslur?

Presumably the term is traditionally derogative and insulting in Berisha’s homeland, but what I find bizarre is that, had Bouzanis used some other vulgar profanity,(such as various parts of the anatomy or bodily functions), it would have been no big deal. Play on.

Instead he has beenleft wear the longest suspension handed out toany player this season.

I’m not condoning racism in any shape or form, but I do find it odd thatsoccer’s quest for a squeaky-clean image does not seem to extend to match-day officials.

Cahill cops one week, not five, for conduct that I would suggest was equally as inappropriate as Bouzanis’ blow-up.

He is, after all, the A-League’s highest-paid and highest-profile player.

Unfortunately his attitude towards the referee last weekappears to be something of a recurring theme, at all levels of the game.

Consider some of the other sanctions handed down in the A-League this season.

Western Sydney coach Tony Popovic –who seems to complain about the refs every week –was fined $3000 after pointing out his team had won only one game under the officiating ofJarred Gillett.

Melbourne Victory coach Kevin Muscat was slugged$5000 after querying the referee’s integrity when his team lost their FFA Cup semi- final.

Perth coach Kenny Lowe copped a two-game sideline ban for a “heated discussion” with referee Alan Milliner during the half-time break of a match against Melbourne City.

Perth skipper Rostyn Griffiths was rubbed out for two games for berating refereeStephen Lucas during the recent 2-all draw with Newcastle.

And even the supposedly mild-mannered Adelaide coach Guillermo Amor was issued a one-game touchline ban for grabbing fourth official Adam Fielding by the arm during a loss to Perth.

All of which would appear slaps on the wrist compared toBouzanis’ five-game banishment.

Then considerjustice in the English Premier League.

Newcastle United defender Jonjo Shelvey was recentlysuspended for five matches and fined £100,000 forallegedly calling Wolves and Morocco midfielder Romain Saiss a “smelly Arab”.

Serves him right, most would say.

Maybe so, but it does seem slightly incongruous alongside the four-game,£25,000 penaltyArsenal manager Arsene Wenger incurred last month for abusinga referee, and then shoving the fourth official as he was ordered into the dressing room.

The bottom line is that in most sporting endeavours, rival competitors will occasionally lose their cool and say something unacceptably offensive.

But few codes treat the match-day officials with such little respect as soccer.

And after last week’s events, I find myself wondering who set the worst example for young fans: Dean Bouzanis or Tim Cahill?

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‘Concern’ over upcoming summer bill

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EXPENSIVE: Scone Neighbourhood Centre’s Jan Kelaher huddles under the air conditioner with Evelyn Synnott, Lee Watts and Deb Bui on Friday afternoon.UPPER Hunter residents may be bracing for summer bill shock.
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According to an iSelect study, morethan 900,000 households across the state plan to cut back in order to afford the upcoming bill while 46 per cent believe the cost of energy will affect how long they use their air conditioners.

Scone Neighbourhood Centre manager Lee Watts said there was some “concern” within the local community, particularly from elderly residents.

“In winter, they can always get a blanket and some of them have wood fires,” she said.

“But, in summer, there’s no release from the heat.

“The concern is what they miss out on when they are only getting essential items anyway.

“It [the bill] will be a big burden on them.

“One lady who came to me mentioned that she didn’t even have an air conditioner, but she will still be concerned because of the use of her fan.

“I don’t think they understand how vulnerable they are, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them and, if they are affected, just remember you can come to the centre to find out how to get assistance.”

The recent study showed that entertainment and dining out are top of the chopping block for NSW households, with 41 per cent planning to tighten their spending in those areas.

Spokesperson for iSelect Laura Crowden said, with Scone residents experiencing another hot summer,it is likely many local homeswill feel the heat when it comes to their energy bills at the end of summer.

“Mostresidents are prepared for large winter bills but, during the warmer months, keeping air-conditioners running around the clock and the extra energy consumed by kids at home during the school holidays using TV’s and computers can result in summer energy bill shock,” she said.

“But if you simply use the air-conditioner a bit less, you may be disappointed to discover that your energy bill hasn’t decreased as much as you had hoped when you receive it in the mail.

“This is because, for most NSW households,a large portion of your energy bill is actually made up of network charges and other variables not associated with usage.”

The survey also found thatover halfof NSW homes will be using fans this summer to keep their bills down, but just nine per centare planning to review their energy provider this summer in search of a better deal.

“While reducing your energy use and addressing your household budget is important, the easiest way forSconeresidents to save money is to make sure you are on the most cost-effective plan to begin with,” Ms Crowden added.

“This is because tariff rates and pay-on-time discounts can differ significantly from provider to provider and even from plan to plan with the same provider.”

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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Showcase your sport or community eventin GoondiwindiTHEGoondiwindi Argusis updating the way we gather our community notices, sporting results and sporting details, and we need your help.
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If your sporting or community organisation has something to include on our website or in the newspaper, we are making it simpler to get your information to us.

All you have to do is to go to our website,梧桐夜网goondiwindiargus南京夜网419论坛

Near the top of the page is a red strip titled “results/photos/events”. If you click on “submit here”, it will take you to a simple form to fill in.

Fill in the name of your sport or organisation and the rest of the details as required. It has clear headings to outline where to put the information.

You can include all the relevant information and details you used to email to us in this form.

This information is sent to our journalists to include in the community notices or sports details at the next opportunity.

This means you can submit your community notice or results from anywhere that you have access to the internet – even on your phone beside the sporting field!

All community notices and sports results will soon be submitted this way, so if you are one of our valued regular contributors, please give it a try as soon as possible.

This is also a great time to start contributing. We want to keep our community notices and sports results as comprehensive as possible.

We would love to hear about your event so we can let the rest of Goondiwindi and beyond know about it, and help you reach the audience you need to reach.

Call Marie Low on 0438 287 074 or [email protected] fairfaxmedia南京夜网419论坛 or Simon Bourke on 0428 556 246 or email [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 with any questions.

If you have a photo to submit with the details, send it to [email protected]南京夜网419论坛 with a clear title of the event or group in the subject line.

Your contributions help keep Goondiwindi up to date with the sport they love and the community events they would like to know more about.

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Alarm halts VRA burglars

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SECURITY: Dubbo Rescue Squad deputy captain Neil Sturrock and captain David Chenhall at the Cobra Street base after Thursday’s attempted break-in. Photo: BELINDA SOOLEDubbo Rescue Squad volunteers have described this week’s attempted break-in at the Cobra Street base as “low” and “sickening”.
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Thursday morning’s incident makes for the third time in six months the base has fallen victim to crime, although this time it was equipped with a newly-installed security system.

Volunteer Rescue Association’s (VRA) Dubbo Rescue Squad captain, David Chenhall, said while it appears no equipment was stolen, it still comes at a cost.

“It’s frustrating because a majority of our funding is from community support,” he said.

“We’ve replaced about $10,000 worth of equipment from the last two break-ins.”

That figure is expected to reach around the $13,000 mark as the base forks out a further $400 to replace the door, as well as repairs to the fence, locks and further security.

David ChenhallVolunteer Rescue Association’s (VRA) Dubbo Rescue Squad captain, David Chenhall, and deputy captain Neil Sturrock voice their frustration over this week’s attempted break-in.“The people that we help come from all demographics, they (the offender) could need our help,” he said.

“It could be their family, their brother that needs help – we do this for the community.”

“It’s disheartening for the volunteers,” David said.

“The money we’ve raised in the last few months has been wasted.”

They worry about what’s next, but made a point of thanking the community for their support throughout the recent spate of break-ins.

Although it comes as an inconvenience to the VRA, the pair reassurethe public it won’t get in the way to the squad’s response to incidents.

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Mogo community meeting

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Angie Radford asked gathered residents and business owners about their vision for Mogo as a part of council’s development control plan review.The village of Mogo is loved for the mix of people, village atmosphere and respectful community, as well as it’s historic ambiance and architectural features.
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So said about 30 of Mogo’s residents and business owners at an information session run by the Eurobodalla Shire Council at the Boomerang Meeting Place, Mogo, on Thursday, February 9.

Along with Mystery Bay and Congo, Mogo’s development control plan is due for review, and council was seeking each communities vision for their village.

Councilor and Mogo business owner Maureen Nathan opened the session before handing over to council staff.Council’s strategic planning officer Angie Radford sought from the gathering answers to the questions:

What do you most appreciate about Mogo?What do you think could be improved in Mogo?What do you want Mogo to look like in the future?The villagers took over an hour to work their way through the questions. There was some heated debate but a lot of agreement too, with manyideas put forward.

Road signage, crossings and traffic control were said to need improvement –theTomakin Road intersection and condition of the public amenities drew strong comment.

Developing Mogo as a village and not just a tourist strip was also discussed at length;with suggestions about improvements to facilities for children, rezoning to allow home industry, and improving the creek surrounds and access.

It was clear Mogo’s residents were passionate about their village and wanted a greater say in how it was developed.

A spokeswoman for council said residents unable to make the meeting were invited to make written submissions until February 24.

For more information contact Angie Radford on 4474 1202 or visit: 梧桐夜网esc.nsw.gov419论坛/dcp-review

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.

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