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Course designs future

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COURSE: Andrew Dickinson with students James Cannell and Brad Deverell with UTAS coordinator Clarissa Forster. Picture: Paul ScamblerTo bridge a “design deficiency” in the Tasmanian manufacturing industry a new course has been started.
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University of Tasmania’s University College has begun a Design for Industry course.

Theentry-level course is being offered in response to industry-recognised skill shortages in new product development and industrial design capability.

It is designed to teach and re-skill employees and business operators who may have been made redundant due to manufacturing business closures in Tasmania.

Course instructor, and Tasmanian Industrial Designer,Andrew Dickinson said the course would improve employment opportunities.

“We’re going to focus on exposing the students to modern design technology,” he said.

Mr Dickinson said students would learn the latest Computer-Aided Design techniques as well as learn design thinking and critical thinking skills.

He said “design was a critical skill-set”and vital to progress manufacturing and create jobs in the sector.

“You can’t sell products if you don’t have design skills to create those products,” he added.He said there was an“industrial design deficiency in the state”.

Mr Dickinson said more manufacturing could be done locally if the design skills were present.

“They [Coast companies] don’t necessarily utilise their own design skills to strategically design and create their own products,” he said.

“Industrial design is a skill that could be advantageous.”

Brad Deverell worked in a mine as a boilermakeron the West Coast for eight years before he was made redundant in March, 2016.

He now works atJensens Quality Metalworksin Burnieand will use the UTAS course to upgrade his skills.

Aspecial offer on fees is available until Wednesday.

“If a prospective student can demonstrate they were made redundant through business downturn in the Burnie area fees could be waived,” Mr Dickinson said.

Students who use the course as a re-skilling exercise may also see fee reductions.Applications are open for commencement in March 2017.

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The problems Berejiklian needs to be talking about

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PRESSING: Sean Nicholls says issues about transparency, political lobbying and ministerial disclosures are among the things Gladys Berejiklian should be addressing.
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In the threeweeks since Gladys Berejiklian was sworn in as NSW Premier she has hit the ground running in at least a couple of respects. Shehas announced somepriorities – local infrastructure, housing affordability and a strong economy – and iscontemplating repairing the damage caused by unpopular policies such as forced council mergers. But there arealsoa few issues you are unlikely to hear the new Premier talking about with any relish.

They includehangovers from her time as a minister, challenges her predecessor Mike Baird either ducked or ran out of time to tackleand reforms in the area of transparency it seems no one has been willing to fix.

The first and most pressing is whether the Premier will come clean on when she wasadvised, as transport minister, of the real reasons for a$549 million blowout to the cost of the Sydney CBD light rail project. In December, the NSW Auditor-General revealed that in October 2014 Transport for NSW had reported that 94 per cent of the increase was “due to incorrect estimates” in the project’s business case.

Yet as transport minister Berejiklianissued a media release two months later stating the reason the cost had increased from $1.6 billion to $2.1 billion was due to “customer improvements to the original scope”such as longer trams and stops. The obvious question has been and remains: did she knowingly lie and then keep the truth from the public for two years? During her first media conference, Berejiklianoffered an aggressive defence to questions she knew she would be asked. The problem is, her answers dodged the central issue of what she knew and when. She would be wise to clear it up by releasing documents shedding light on the subject.

In the same broad category –call ittransparency and integrity – is the issue of political lobbying. It’s somethingBaird went some way to addressing after Barry O’Farrell’s demise, but which is looming as a far bigger issue for the latest premier.

From day one, Berejiklian has been accused by opponents and some Liberals of being too close to powerbroker and lobbyist MichaelPhotios. Photiosremains one of the leaders of Berejiklian’sLiberal left faction, to which she is fiercely loyal. His firm, Premier State, is registered to lobby the NSW government on behalf of a string of private sector clients including mining companies and alcohol and gambling interests.

Baird’s reforms tightened the rules for lobbyists and introduced regular publication of details of ministerial meetings, but they did not go far enough. Berejiklian has the opportunity to send a message about how serious she is about not only being a clean government but being seen to be one. She shouldfollow the advice of the Independent Commission Against Corruption and extend the requirement to parliamentary secretaries and ministerial staff.

Similarly, the issue of ministerial disclosuresneeds to be looked at to ensure they declare not only their own business, property and otherinterests but also those of their spouses and immediate family.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it would send a strong message about the type of leader she wants to be. The key to Baird’s early popularitywas his admission after the O’Farrell scandalthat changes needed to be made and to act swiftly to address the perception the government was in the thrall of spivs and backroom operators. Berejiklian has the opportunity to go one better and act without looking like she is being forced into it.

Sean Nicholls is state political editor.

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Telstra keen to ring in   the changes

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ON LINE: Telstra state manager Mark Bolton, left, and media manager Chris Marks had their phones at the ready when they visited Port Pirie.Telstra and other telecommunicationscompanies will promote services linked to the new National Broadband Network in Port Pirie.
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In less than a month, 2100 households in Port Pirie South and Solomontown will be eligible for the NBN’s fast-data services for the first time.

The NBN will remain as a wholesaler of the services with the retail operations being left to Telstra, Optus and other companies.

Telstra state manager Mark Bolton, who visited Port Pirie, saidhis company’s copper-wire connections would become redundant under the changes.

“We have no plans to rip out the copper –those lines will just be sitting idle,” he said.

He said under the copper-to-the-node system of the NBN, a short wire would run from green cabinetson ourfootpaths to houses.

He likened it to an “extension cord” from the boxes to households.

“In a place like Port Pirie where fibre-to-the-node is coming to the town, there will be a migration from our network to the NBN,” he said.

He said the migration from the first eligible customers would take up to 18 months.

He expected the retail operations to be “business as usual”, but based on a “different model”.

“We are really embracing the change to NBN. It will provide high-speed service and better coverage,” he said.

About300 otherproperties in and around Port Germein can now also switch onwith the site going live recently at the end of last month.

The NBN arrived in the Port Pirie region in May, 2015, and up to now almost 5200 locals are eligible to connect inCrystal Brook, Port Broughton, Fisherman Bay, Jamestown, Redhill, Blyth, Brinkworth, Bungama, Napperby, Gladstone Town, Laura, Melrose, Booleroo and Wirrabara.

Mr Bolton said the extension of Telstra services on the NBN network around Port Pirie wouldgive locals access to faster broadband that will help them better source information, materials and supplies for their growing businesses.

It also allows them the opportunity to video chat and adds another dimension to their potential interactions with customers or suppliers.

“The speed and reliability of the NBN forbusiness owners opens new ways in which they can interact with their customers,” he said.

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Parents key to helping bullied kids

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SPEAK UP: Last year record numbers reached out for support with bullying.As thousands of students across the country are starting high school, new figures reveal nearly one in four young people have experienced bullying in the past 12 months, and were most likely to turn to their parents for support.
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A new survey by digital youth mental health organisation ReachOut revealed that 23 per cent of 14-25 year olds have experienced bullying in the past 12 months. The highest incidence of bullying occurred at school (52 per cent), followed by the online space (25 per cent) and the workplace (25 per cent).

Starting high school can be a tricky time for students and their parents. There is a new environment to contend with, more students, developmental changes and a bigger workload.

We know that bullying is something that young people are really concerned about. Last year record numbers turned to ReachOut for support and information on bullying.

The reality is that bullying can happen wherever young people are – whether online or offline. This is why we should focus on equipping young people and their parents with support and tools so they can be ready to deal with the behaviour.

Our survey revealed that of the young people who experienced bullying, around half sought help, with parents the most likely place young people will turn to for help followed by peers.

Bullying can make young people feel ashamed or powerless to act, anxious, stressed or guilty – as though it’s their fault.

This is why we encourage young people to tell a trusted adult like a parent when they are experiencing bullying. Sharing what’s going on will make them feel less alone. To find out what you can do to address bullying right now, head to ReachOut南京夜网/bullying orReachOut南京夜网/parents.

Tips for parents

Get informed about the avenues for stopping bullying. You wouldn’t put up with bullying at work, so your child doesn’t have to put up with it at school or online. Schools have anti-bullying policies and social media providers are required to remove offensive content.

Get to know the school principal and year adviser and ask them about their anti-bullying policy.

Read up on how to contact social media providers to address cyberbullying and ensure you and your child know how to block, delete or report anyone who is upsetting them online.

Make an action plan with your teen if they are experiencing bullying – ask for details, when and what is occurring, and how did it make them feel. Break the action plan into manageable steps and play out possible scenarios. Think about contacting the other child’s parents and address the issue between families.

Tips for young people

Know that you don’t have to put up with bullying. If it’s happening to you, tackle it early and don’t just hope it’ll go away.

Talk to someone who can do something about it – like your parents, a teacher or principal – and ask them how they will respond.

Get allies from outside where the bullying is happening – this could be through a job, volunteering, sport, music or other groups and online forums; or spending time with a different group.

Making new friends can help you feel better about yourself and more able to cope with difficult situations.

Consider removing yourself from the environment – this may mean changing schools, spending time with a different group or leaving a job.

When you see someone else being bullied, you can let them know they’re not alone.

Write them a private message to let them know you’re thinking of them, invite them to sit with you, choose to be their partner in class or go for a walk with them. If it continues, report it to someone in authority.

ReachOut CEO Jono Nicholas

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New Zealand is waiting…

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Friendships: Start out as a group of strangers and end up as one big family after just a few days, often providing the foundation for lifelong friendships upon return home.There’s a reason the sun shines on New Zealand before anywhere else – every new day in Aotearoa is something to cherish! A tangible wonderland offering one of the most varied and spectacular series of landscapes with a culture that is rich, dynamic and not simply locked away in museums, it’s everywhere you look.
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Whether you are marvelling at the spectacular glaciers or picturesque fiords, New Zealand is magical by coach. Relax in armchair comfort as you travel through each region, feeling secure in the hands of a professional Coach Captain and experienced Tour Guide whose reliable knowledge includes numerous facts and figures, stories, legends and many laughs along the way. Unwind and really experience Middle-Earth knowing the hassle of overlooking hidden locations or taking a wrong turn is removed.

Travel with Grand Pacific Tours on their fully escorted 10 Day South Island Tour and enjoy the best parts of this pure and natural landscape including 2 two night stays and two breathtaking cruises.

Your holiday begins in Christchurch, the garden ‘city on the rise’ and starting point for the world famous TranzAlpine. Depart Christchurch and travel through the fertile farmlands of the Canterbury Plains, enjoy thrilling vistas over deep gorges as you travel alongside the ice-fed Waimakariri River.

Traverse the mighty Southern Alps, where spectacular views of the chiselled alpine landscape will take your breath away at every turn. Travel over massive viaducts, river valleys and spectacular gorges as you ascend to Arthur’s Pass.

Continue to Franz Josef Glacier where you might like to try out a scenic flight over the spectacular glaciers before continuing to Queenstown the next day. The town is set on the shores of crystal clear Lake Wakatipu and the adventure capital of New Zealand. Here, board the historic TSS Earnslaw steamship to Walter Peak Station, the best way to enjoy Queenstown’s famed beauty.

Your holiday is not complete without basking in the scale of one of the most stunning locations on earth – Milford Sound. Described as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ the remarkable natural environment features dramatic fiords, spectacular waterfalls and show-capped peaks. Witness this astounding wonder on a special cruise including lunch.

Couple this with a visit to Dunedin, a region of unique landscapes and fascinating cultural history. On the way back to Christchurch visit must-see Aoraki Mount Cook. New Zealand’s highest peak and home of the longest glaciers.

There is no better way to visit New Zealand than on a coach holiday! Contact your nearest RACT Travel office to make your New Zealand holiday dreams come true.

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