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Pre-emptive State of Emergency called for Saturday

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Sunday is forecast to reach Severe or Extreme.A pre-emptive Section 44 State of Emergency has been declared for the Hawkesbury from 9am on Saturday, February 11, Hawkesbury Fire Control has advised.
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Hawkesbury Fire Control Officer Karen Hodges said this meant she has been appointed incident controller for all firefighting agencies for the weekend –RFS, Fire & Rescue and National Parks.

“It also means we will be on really high alert from then,” she said, adding there had been no fires yet, “touch wood!”.

It’sno surprise a statewidetotal fire ban has just been imposed for the weekend, with thelatest forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology indicating weather conditions will continue to deteriorate across the weekend.

While the central west and the Hunter were forecast to reach‘Catastrophic’ level fire danger conditions this weekend, Ms Hodges said our area would fall just short.

“The Hawkesbury will only get to Very High level of danger on Saturday, and Severe to Extreme on Sunday,” Superintendent Hodges said.

“At least we’ll have first dibs on the VLAT and LAT!” she said. (These are the water-carrying firefighting DC-10 and Hercules based at Richmond RAAF Base, the acronyms standing for Very Large Air Tanker and Large Air Tanker.)

NSW RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said the weekend’s temperatures won’t be the end of the story.

“This will be coupled with strong and gusty winds, and low humidity,” he said.“We are likely to see broad areas under Severe and Extreme fire danger ratings.”

He said any fire that started in catastrophic conditions wouldbe “extremely difficult to control”.

“Do not be in bushfire-prone areas during Catastrophic conditions,” he warned.

During a total fire ban, no fires may be lit in the open and all fire permits are suspended.Gas and electric barbecues may be used provided certain conditions are met.Lighting a fire on a day of Total Fire Ban attracts an on the spot fine of $2200.

The penalty for tossing a lit cigarette doubles during a Total Fire Ban from $660 to $1320.Report vehicles with butt tossers on theRFS website or call the Bush Fire Information Line on1800 679 737.

Total Fire Ban rules and a map of current Total Fire Ban areas are at梧桐夜网rfs.nsw.gov419论坛.

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Chapman cops racket, but claims win anyway

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FIERCE BATTLE: Glen Atkinson (right) trumped Steve Elliot in three games last week. Photo: CONTIBUTEDUnlike the Canadian Davis Cup tie there wasno balls being hitting at umpires in the Wednesday night mixed squash competition.
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Team 1 Middleton had a strong win over Team 3 Baker with wins for Ian Middleton, George Eleftheriou and Scott Baker while Robyn Chapman won the battle, but lost the war, winning in three but being hit three times with the racket.

Team 6 Kidson won well against Team 5 Kirk with wins for Nathan Garton, Yvonne Tracey and Steve Kirk while the effervescent Luke Kidson played great winning in three.

Team 7 Blackwood demolished Team 4 Goes with wins for Narelle Fowler, Steve Blackwood and Mark Goes while Chris Elkington mixed it up beautifully winning his match in four games.

Team 2 Elliot snuck past Team 8 Brearley with wins for Glen Atkinson, Sonya Fitzgerald and the zany Tony Elliot while Peter Brearley put on a show disposing of the pretentious Tom Secheny in four games.

RESULTSTeam 1 (5 pts) def Team 3 (1 pt):

George Eleftheriou def Grant Michell 3-1

Scott Baker def Darren Wooding 3-1

Ian Middleton def Josh Earl Jones 3-0

Robyn Chapman def Heather Wythes 3-0

Team 2 (5 pts) def Team 8 (1 pt):

Glen Atkinson def Steve Elliot 3-0

Peter Brearley def Tom Secheny 3-1

Tony Elliot def Kym Knight 3-1

Sonya Fitzgerald def Max Gleeson 3-0

Team 7 (5 pts)def Team 4 (1 pt):

Mark Goes def Rod Bevan 3-0

Chris Elkington def Belinda Thurtell 3-1

Steve Blackwood def Joe Hayden 3-0

Narelle Fowler def Craig Hausler 3-0

Team 6 (5 pts) def Team 5 (1 pt):

Luke Kidson def Charles Daquino 3-0

Nathan Garton def Alison Thorn 3-0

Yvonne Tracey def Liam Fitzpatrick 3-0

Steve Kirk def Jacob Wooding 3-0

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Weaner heifers to 346c at Emerald

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Emerald yarded 1500 head.
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Emerald agents yarded just over 1500 head on February 9 with prices reflective of southern markets with the majority of categories easing slightly.

Heavy bullocks over 550kg made to 304c to average 287c, while steers 500-550kg made to 332c to average 318c, steers 400-500kg returned 336c to average 328c.

Meanwhile, steers 320-400kg steers made to 351c to average 333c, with steers in the weaner weight ranges making to 370c to average 345c.

Heifers over 400kg made to 312c to average 29c, while heifers 300-400kg made to 338c to average 308c, while heifers in the weaner weight ranges made to 346c to average 322c.

Heavy cows over 520kg made to 248c to average 238c, while 400-520kg cows made to 250c to average 246c. A mixed yarding of cows and calves with the best making to $1520 per unit.

HighlightsThe Cox family, Mt Surprise, Alpha sold Brahman cross steers to 334c to weigh 479kg or $1602.

The Esmond family, Lucknow, Emerald consigned Charolais cross bullocks to 281c to weigh 633kg or $1780.

John and Cheryl Randell, Crinum, Tieri sold Brahman steers to 333c and weighed 372kg or $1240.

Pete and Sharon Seawright, Clermont sold Santa steers to 370c to weigh 305kg or $1130.

Mike and Shirley Sullivan, Turoc, Clermont sold Droughtmaster cross steers to 345c to weigh 363kg or $1254.

The Black family, Morpeth, Nebo offered Charbray PTIC cows to 280c to weigh 506kg or $1420.

Barry and Vicki Gifford, Girraween, Capella sold Brangus cross cows making to 240c to weigh 605kg or $1452.

Alan and Clare Kirby, Wonga, Springsure sold Euro cows making to 239c to weigh 623kg or $1491.

The McLucas family, Roper Valley, Middlemount sold Droughtmaster cows to 236c to weigh 532kg or $1257, Jono and Carmel Tibbles, Westlyn, Springsure sold Euro cows to 240c to weigh 557kg or $1339.

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VIDEOJoy on cloud 9 after Cash Cow win

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Winner Joy Wilson with her husband Brian at their home in Curlewis on Thursday.The reality of winning $70,000 is still sinking in for Curlewis resident Joy Wilson.
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The former Salvation Army major became one of two Cash Cow winners on Sunrise on Thursday morning after answering her mobile phone in three rings.

She was travelling to Moree at the time for work with her Bluetooth connected just in case it was her lucky day.

“I never expected it but you always hope you’ll get the call,” Mrs Wilson said.

“I was overjoyed.”

Joy has been sending her contact details into Sunrise for about 18 months but the news took both her and her husbandBrian by surprise.

“For the past month, she kept saying, ‘I’m going to win this. I’m going to win this’,” he said.

“It blew me out of the water. I was watching [Sunrise] and they said they were calling someone in Curlewis and I saw the name come up, Joy Wilson. I thought, ‘Are you joking? Please answer the phone’.

“I still can’t believe it.”

Joy was so determined to win because she hasn’t had the money to visit her daughter Kellie and her family in South Africa.

“They’ve been on my mind for the last month,” she said.

“I would have been grateful for anything.”

Joy’s daughter Kellie with her husband Niki and their four boys.

Mrs Wilson said Kellie met a South African, Niki Brienstampf in London nine years agoand they married and now live in Cape Town with their four children, Jonah, Jacob, and twins Chase and Zac.

Joy said she didn’t not have enough money to travel over for the couple’s wedding so she gifted what she had saved to the couple so they could move from a high crime area in JoBerg to Cape Town. Her last visit to South Africa was in 2013.

Joy’s twin grandsons Chase and Zac Brienstampf. Chase has undergone major heart surgery.

“The last time I went over there my second grandson [Jacob] was six weeks old,” she said.

“[Kellie’s] had twins and I’ve never met them and one has had three heart operations.”

Chase had his first heart major operation at Christian Barnard Hospital in Cape Town at justeight days old and two minor operations later on.

Chase after major heart surgery at eight days old.

Joy said she would like to go to South Africa for a month, and is hoping to also visit hersponsor familyatCape Elizabeth.

“I think it’s time. I just miss [Kellie] very much,” Joy said.

The funds will also go a long way to helping the Wilsonscomplete the renovations on theirhome. The “shack” was purchased for $50 from a man in Narrabri who was going to knock it down.

The building was moved to the couple’s Curlewis property and they have been working steadily on numerous internal changes including new doorways, walls, flooring and plastering.

“We’ve been doing it little bit by little bit,” Brian said.

The building is elevated off the ground because the couple’s would like to build a downstairs area. Their long-term plan is to go “off the grid” and become self-sustainable.

The Wilsons are also keen to use the money to pay off their debts and Joy will gift money to her place of worship, TurningPoint Christian Outreach Centre in Gunnedah.

“[I’m going to give] 10 per cent to the work of God, whether it’s to the church or missions overseas,” Joy said.

“It’s a Bible-based church that really believes in the impossible.”

She said Sunrise told her that she would be sent paperwork in a week’s time and the money would be given to her around 4-6 weeks later.

Joy was the founder of Gunnedah’s Hope House and now works with Homes North Community Housing as a participation officer. She said she has “a heart for people” and is passionate about helping people through her role which takes her to Gunnedah, Tamworth and Moree.

The Cash Cow was due to visit Joy at her home on Thursday afternoon to film for Friday’s edition of Sunrise but the team were unable to get plane tickets from Sydney to Tamworth.

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Lithgow motorists under the pump

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The Caltex Woolworths service station on Mort Street was one of the cheapest places in Lithgow for E10 Unleaded fuel on Tuesday.Lithgow’s petrol stations have consistently delivered some of the most expensive fuel prices in the state over the past month.
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This is according to the NRMA’s Bowser Buster rankings, whichlists the weekly average unleaded petrol and diesel prices for 57 locations in NSW and Canberra from cheapest to most expensive.

Lithgow’s average price for unleaded petrol of 143.1 cents a litre, was the second most expensive on the list for the week ending February12.

The city’s fuelwas the most expensive for the week ending February 5 and was the second most pricey the week before that.

NRMA spokesperson, Peter Khoury said these figures should not be expected of a town the size of Lithgow.

“That’s pretty alarming, I mean you’ve got to remember there are a number of smaller towns on that list that have fewer service stations than Lithgow that are more competitive,” said Mr Khoury.

“Lithgow is part of a number of towns that unfortunately haven’t seen the falls that they should of since Christmas and the new year.”

A quick check of the My NRMA smartphone app early afternoon on Tuesday showed that petrol was more than 20 cents cheaper just 15 kilometres down the road in Mt Victoria.

The cheapest price for Ethanol 94 in Lithgow was 138.9 at the Caltex Woolworths and BP service stationscompared to 117.9 at Caltex Mt Victoria.

There was a further price drop for those travelling a bit further down the mountains with 116.9 for Ethanol 94 being advertised at United Blackheath.

For motorists heading west towards Bathurst, there was only a marginal decrease in costwith the town also on the higher end of the price scale over the past month.

Mr Khoury explained these large variations in price exist as each town is effectively its own market.

“In each area servos will respond to what theprices are in their local area,” Mr Khoury said.

“There is no law that tells the service station what they should or shouldn’t charge, prices in Australia aren’t regulated.”

Mr Khoury encouraged motorists to use the research tools available to them including Bowser Buster and the Fuel Checkwebsitetoseek out the cheapest petrol.

“Often you might be going to towns that are cheaper than Lithgow and if that’s the case, fill up there.

“More of often than not, people now that they’ve got real-time data, they can actually find the cheapest service station in town or on their journey and fill up there.

“A little bit of research can go a long way to saving money”

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