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Melbourne Victory chairman Anthony Di Pietro blasts FFA bosses

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Victory chairman Anthony Di Pietro. Photo: SuppliedMelbourne Victory chairman Anthony Di Pietro has fired a broadside at the Football Federation Australia leadership and demanded on behalf of all A-League clubs that they be given a greater share of the game’s revenue.
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Di Pietro, speaking at a Victory business lunch at Crown on Friday afternoon attended by FFA chief David Gallop and a number of other A-League club chairmen, pulled no punches when he set out just how angry and frustrated the clubs now were over a range of issues.

These included:

*Financial dividends from the new $350 million television rights deal;

*The vexed question of expansion to grow the sport, which has been stalled for several years;

*The governance of the game, with Di Pietro claiming A-League clubs were no longer going to settle for a muted voice in the way the sport is administered and run;

*The marketing of soccer, which he argued had fallen behind and needed to be stepped up if the game was to build on the levels of fan and community engagement it had built in the years since the A-League’s inception in 2005.

Numerous clubs have gone bust, out of business or been forced into administration with owners collectively losing hundreds of millions of dollars since the A-League kicked off and Di Pietro, on behalf of his fellow chairmen in the audience – which included Melbourne City’s Simon Pearce and Adelaide’s Greg Griffin – stressed that clubs needed proper compensation for their initial investment and to recoup losses.

“The time for change is now upon us, ” Di Pietro said. “Decisions made now will affect the future of football in Australia for years to come.

“Melbourne Victory supports expansion [of the A-League]. More teams will bring more competition and more broadcast games and more revenue to grow the game. Derbies are a proven winning way to pack stadiums [and generate media and fan interest].”

His remarks on derbies may well be significant given that Victory already enjoys a healthy rivalry with Melbourne City. There are several Victorian consortia – South Melbourne, the old NSL powerhouse, the Geelong-based Victoria Patriots and the South East Melbourne/Dandenong/Casey group all circling and looking to establish their case for a third Victorian-based licence.

There is also talk of potential bids in Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane which, if successful, could create fresh rivalries and add to the A-League’s tally of derbies in the future.

But, Di Pietro added: “We must make sure that any new licences do not compromise the marketability or integrity of the competition” – a clear reference to the fact that the league, in this phase of its development, cannot afford any fiscal failures or clubs going broke, as has happened in the past.

Urging Steven Lowy, the FFA chairman (who was not present) to grasp the nettle of constitutional reform, Di Pietro said: “No business is the same today as it was in 2005.

“A-League clubs are represented collectively by only one vote. The A-League earns the lion’s share of the revenue but almost has the least say.”

Club owners have to meet significant financial commitments to keep the show on the road, Di Pietro said, and they were asking that “revenues generated by the A-League should be retained and invested to grow the A-League … the marketing investment in this game needs to deepen. We need to bring everyone in.”

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Thefts across the district

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CRIME: Police are appealing for public information in relation to a number of theft incidents across the region. Photo: Georgina BaylyBrowns PlainsCar theft
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A gold 2007 Holden Captiva with registration 515KCH was stolen on February 5.


A man and a woman have been seen on CCTV stealing digital SLR cameras from a Browns Plains store.

Police said the pair used keys to access the secure cabinet.

The incident occurred about 3.30pm on January 8.

Police said the pair left the centre in a white station wagon.

According to police, the same pair enteredthe same store on February 3 and used a key to access a secure cabinet, from which they took thousands of dollars worth of mobile phones.

Chambers FlatBreak and enter

A pot plant was thrown through asliding glass door at a McPherson Road address on February 3.

The incident occurred between 5.45am and 2.15pm.

A witness saw a blue motor vehicle at the property.


Jewellery was taken from a home on SilvereyeCrescent, between 11.30am and 2pm, on February 3.

Police said a window was forced open.


A cash box and passports were taken from an address on Dunnart Road, between 8am and 5.45pm, on February 3.

JimboombaCar theft

A white 1998 Holden Commodore with registration 630TNE was stolen on February 5.

Logan VillageAttempted break-in

Two men were seen fleeing a home in Culgoa Cresent at 2.30pm on February 3.

A teenager in the home ran next door after offenders attempted to kick in a door.

The men fled the scenein a blue sedan.


A car and jewellery werestolen from a Tempest Court address, between 10.30am and 1.50pm, on February 3.

The front door was forced open and offenders found the car keys in the house.

The blue 2015 Toyota Corolla has registration 433VVJ.

South MacleanTheft

Jewellery and money was taken from an Aberdeen Road property, between 9am and 2pm, on February 8.

Police said the screen door was forced open.

Regents ParkCar thefts

A black 2007 Holden Commodore with registration 823KSOwas stolen on February 8.

A silver 2007 Ford Territory with registration 900KSZ was also stolen on the same day.

Contact Policelink on131 444 with any information.

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Plan your Valentine’s Day

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Your guide to Valentine’s Day SHOW YOU CARE: It’s the little things that say ‘I love you’. Simply making a coffee, opening the car door, or pulling out a chair for your partner speaks volumes.
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Love it or loathe it, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

The stores are already stocking teddy bears clutching ‘I loveyou’ hearts and enough chocolates to send you into sugar shock.

While much of it might seem like commercial hype, it’s important to remember the real reason behind such a day –love.

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity -and reminder -to tell that special someone in our lives how much we love and appreciate them.

In our day-to-day lives, it’s easy to be caught up in the mundane and forget to do those simple things to show our significant others how much we care.

February 14 is a perfect chance to put in a little extra effort and attentiveness.​

Book a dinner at a restaurant where you can both relax,enjoy a conversation together and reconnect.

Surprise them with a bunch of their favourite flowers, or evena simple, single long-stemmed rose with a hand written note.

Plan a picnic at your favourite spot, surprise them with a sweet treat, or even plan a weekend getaway or get that something they’ve been eyeing off in the stores for a while.

Whilegifts are wonderful, ensure you include something which cannot be bought –you.

And don’t look at the day as a day only for lovers.

If you’re single, it’s a great day to treat and pamper yourself with a little bit of TLC.

Try a new restaurant with your mates, run a warm bath, or fly solo at the movies with no fear of having that movie you secretly want to see vetoed.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day, make sure you make time to spend time with the oneyou love.

History of St ValentineValentine’s Day –or Saint Valentine’s Day –is a day to celebratelove.

Marked around the world, the day is associated with both the Roman Empire and Christian religion.

The day was namedin honour of Saint Valentine of Rome who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry. The thought was that unmarried soldiers were better fighters as they didn’tworry about what would happen to their families if they died in battle.

It first became a day linked with romantic love in the 14thcentury, but itwasn’t until the 18thcentury that gifts were first used as a way to show one’s affection for another.

Today loversexpress their love for each other with gifts likeflowers,dinnerand cards known as ‘Valentines’. Traditionallykeys are given to lovers as a symbol to unlock the giver’s heart.

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Cafe owner backs own bowls idea

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OPTIONS: Crooked Kitchen owner Tara Stojic has had some customers provide their own bowls and containers since opening two years ago. Picture: NONI HYETTRELATED: Idea would explore new cafe concept
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A POPULAR Bendigo eatery has backed an idea that would allow customers to take their own bowl orcontainer to a cafe for a takeaway lunch.

Crooked Kitchen owner Tara Stojic said her cafe has served some customers foodto their own containers since opening two years ago.

Ms Stojic serves about 2000 people each week and estimatesabout 15 out of 100 people bring their own plate or bowl when buying a takeaway lunch.

“Wehave had it from day one. I like when people bring in own stuff because it’s easier,” she said.

“There are people who bring in own plates or reuse the plastic containers we gave them because they hate wasting them. Some hate plastic and prefer cardboard. There a few different things people are after.”

Ms Stojic has yet to be forced to turn down a customer’s own plate for being too dirty.

“That would be an issue because some people don’t understand the concept of cleaning things properly,” she said.

“Ifsomeone bought in a dirty container I would definitely say no to serving food on it. If they get sick, they assume it’s the food but it could be bacteria in the container.”

In a poll conducted by the Bendigo Advertiser, 74.4 percent of people said they would you take your own bowl to a cafe. That left 20 per cent saying they wouldn’t and 5.6 per cent unsure if they would.

A separate poll asked said64.3 per cent of businesses would consider a policy of customers providing their own plates. With 28.6 per cent disagreeing and 7.1 per cent unsure.

Threlfall Packaging general manager Joe Raco said while the idea had merit in reducing wastage, a lot of local businesses are already environmentally savvy with food packaging.

“A lot of Bendigo businesses are taking big, active, positive steps in what they are using as packaging,” he said.

“The broader community needs to understand there are a lot of biodegradable and compostable options that businesses can (and do) use to reduce pressure on landfills.”

“But it is each business to their own. If there are ones that want to do it, it’s up to them.”

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Teens targeted walker for cash

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TWO teenagers have been charged with allegedly attacking and trying to rob an innocent man as he walked home from work in Armidale.
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The 15 and 16-year-old boys appeared in Armidale Children’s Court on Friday morning charged in relation to the January 10 incident where a 34-year-old man was stabbed on the town’s bike path.

Magistrate Michael Holmes refused the pair bail and ordered they remain in juvenile detention until the cases return to court later this month.

The pair were arrested by detectives in East Armidale just before 7pm on Thursday and are each charged withassault with intent to rob causing wounding in company.

Detectives in #Armidale have charged two teens in connection to an attempted robbery where a man was stabbed @[email protected]

— BreannaChillingworth (@breannachill) February 10, 2017The Leaderthey had ramped up the investigation into three violent robberies.

“The juvenile pairwere arrested in relation to a robbery that occurred at about 5.05pm on January 10 where three juvenilesconfronted a 34-year-oldman walking through parkland in Armidale,” New England Inspector Roger Best told The Leader.

“During the attempted robbery, one of the offenders was armed with a knife, one was armed with a golf club and a third was unarmed.

The teenage pair appeared in Armidale Children’s Court on Friday where they were refused bail.

“The offender armed with a knife has brandished a knife towards the victim and demanded hehand over his property.

“The offender armed with the knife has stabbed the victim once to the left side of his stomach.”

Police allege the 15-year-old arrested on Thursday night was armed with a golf club and struck the victim once to the right knee, while the 16-year-old was allegedly unarmed at the time.

“Armidale detectives are currently making inquiries in relation to the whereabouts of the third offender who they identified through their investigations,” Inspector Best said.

“This is a very serious offence and we would urge this young person to hand himself in to police and speak with investigators.”

New England Inspector Roger Best.

Inspector Best said the arrestof two juveniles was testament to the intense investigation by detectives.

“It’s a very pleasing result to see these offenders arrested,” he said.

“We take these offences very seriously because of the harm to victims and the community and our historical crime data in Armidale shows our robbery arrest rates are very high for offences.”

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